Be informed! Don’t let others think for you

To the Editor;

Re: “Abuses of euthanasia featured in Fatal Flaws”, Oct. 3, 2018 Capital.

I am all for people stating their opinions, but when they claim that their opinions are factual, and they’re not factual, then I believe someone has to present “factual” info to counter their views.

Bill C-14 was passed by Parliament in June 2016. Under that legislation, minors, mentally ill, or people with curable conditions are not eligible for doctor assisted deaths. Also, it does not allow for “suicide tourism”.

There are legal safegaurds to prevent abuses (two independent witnesses to confirm no pressure was used to force a person into having an assisted death; two independent medical opinions; 10 days waiting period; patient must be informed to other options besides death, and an expressed consent by individual who wants an assisted death). Furthermore the Canadan Surpreme Court upheld the legality of that law. Source: www.Governmentof Canada website; visit

The notion that assisted deaths will “lead to a slippery slope” whereby our society will force people into having assisted deaths is an example of “scare tactics” to prevent people from having a choice about living their lives on their own terms.

There are several misconceptions about medically assisted deaths. One, vulnerable people are at risk. No such evidence exists in Canada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, Belgium, or the Netherlands. Most patients who requested assisted deaths were dying of cancer (70 per cent).

Two: Suicides and medically assisted deaths are the same thing. False! Study the definition for each one.

Three: Doctors will be “forced” to perform medically assisted deaths. False! Provincial and federal govenrments have laws in place to prevent that situation from happening. Again, scare tactics being used.

I also recommend studying the reports made on this subject in Global News - Oct. 7, 2017, and on CBC news - June 21, 2018, and PBS news - Jan. 15, 2015; “The right to die in Belgium, an inside look at the world’s most liberal euthanasia law”.

Be informed! Don’t be influenced by scare tactics, and don’t let others think for you.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB