Quit being Canada’s doormat

To the Editor;

I looked all over and low and behold I found my BIG BOY pants.

Regarding the Letter to the Editor from January 16 Capital “Don’t believe everything you hear...”, How would we fund our own tax system, police force etc. Not a big problem if we quit sending money to Ottawa. With the $221 billion net that we have contributed to Canada since equalization and the $20 billion additional this last year even the fiscally challenged NDP would be hard pressed not to make Alberta the most prosperous entity on the globe.

We would owe Canada nothing if we left because we have been paying forward for a long time.

Unlike Quebec and the Maritimes we have been a net contributor to Confederation which has not bought Premier Notley’s social licence for pipelines even with her carbon tax. Quebec still prefers to buy foreign oil but take Alberta money.

An independent Alberta could negotiate with the world, not under the constraint of the government of Canada, the NEB and the Supreme Court. Of course they could have say in what our neighbours do, but they have that now and have authority over us as well.

An independent Alberta with competent government and our resources could be a world leader in research and development rather than a restrained and unappreciated cog in an increasingly dysfunctional country. It is time Albertans put on their big boy pants and decided to quit being Canada’s doormat.

Gord Snell

Three Hills