Canadians need to work together

To the Editor
Re: “Quit being Canada’s doormat” letter to the editor; 1/23/19
I suggest the author stop living in a “fool’s paradise”. Albertans, like the majority of Quebecers, do not support separation from Canada. Yes, Canada is not a perfect country, no country is, but it is a heck of a lot better than most countries.
As a matter of fact, US News and World Report (a conservative news periodical) recently ranked Canada second in the world for the best country to live in while Switzerland was ranked number one.
Canada was also ranked number one for quality of life (health care, public education, civil service, police services, social services, religious freedoms, political freedom (compared to the US, Russia, and most third world countries), the environment, etc.
Concerning health care, Canada was ranked number three while Denmark and Sweden ranked one and two.
The Commonwealth Fund (2014) ranked Canada number 10 out of 170+ countries for excellent health care while the UK and Switzerland were ranked one and two.
Despite what the “negative” pundits say, Canada is a wonderful country, and we need to work “together” to solve our problems, not work to destroy it. In my opinion.

George Thatcher
Trochu, AB