Together we can seek clarity

Mr. Editor;

Having served on the Battle River - Crowfoot Riding Association Board for the past 18+ years, I have had the privilege of getting to know our Member of Parliament reasonably well. And having lived and worked in Kneehill County for the past 30+ years, I know my neighbours to be reasonable people. So when they keep voting our M.P. into Office with the strongest per capita percentage of all 338 ridings across Canada, I observe first-hand their good reasons why.

Knowing also, Mr. Editor, that face-to-face dialogue (between two reasonable people) has a better chance for progress than writing letters (where intentions can be misunderstood). I therefore invite the gentleman who wrote last week to meet for coffee. My wife and I have good friends in Trochu and area - why not add one more!! Together we can seek clarity, verify facts, and attempt to find reasonably common ground on which to build a safer future for our children.

Thank you, Mr. Editor. Great newspaper !

Allen Armbruster

Three Hills, AB