The generations that went before have failed our youth

Dear Editor;

When someone can tell it better than we can, it is pointless to try to express it yourself. George Monbiot of THE GUARDIAN, a newspaper published in England, is a 50+ year-old who has tried his best over the years to counter the indifference and hostility of those who govern us. This is an important quote from Monbiot that applies to people, corporations and governments all over the world ---

“My generation and the generations that went before have failed our youth. We have lived as if their lives had no importance, as if any resource we encountered was ours and ours alone to use as we wished, regardless of the impact on future generations. In doing so, we created a cannibal economy: we ate their future to satisfy our greed.

“It is true that the people of my generation are not equally to blame. Broadly speaking, ours is a society of self-indulgence governed by madmen. We have allowed a tiny number of phenomenally rich people, and the destructive politicians they fund, to trash our life support systems. While some carry more blame than others, our failure to challenge the oligarchs who are sacking the Earth and to overthrow their illegitimate power, is a collective failure. Together, we have bequeathed our young a world that – without drastic and decisive action – may soon become uninhabitable.”

This is an eloquent description of what has happened and will happen to the youth of tomorrow—and tomorrow is now.


Frank Martens

Summerland, BC