Decisions made on ideological lines never common sense

To the Editor;

The election has been called and the nasties have become even nastier. The campaign time is not long but will seem like an eternity as the NDP try to drag the UCP and their leader through as much muck as possible no matter how many decades they have to go back.

The NDP have a problem though, as we only have to look back four years to see the disaster they have been to Alberta. The list is long, decisions made on ideological lines never common sense. The left justify their bad decisions by claiming the Progressive Conservatives were just as bad, favouring their friends in business. I agree, that is why the PC’s had to go, they were not conservative, but progressive as are the NDP. It is a shame that progressive in politics is now a dirty word, instead of meaning improving society it means government interfering in private business and expanding the public sector, rarely if ever a good idea. Venezuela being a modern day example.

When the NDP were elected because the PCs had become odious to Albertans, I knew they would do harm to our economy but figured it could be rectified in four or five years after they were banished back to the political wilderness. Boy was I wrong. Carbon tax, shutting down coal powered power plants prematurely, promoting and forcing solar and wind electricity, cooperating with the Federal Liberals to stymie increased pipeline capacity which has resulted in a toxic environment for business and investment. It will probably take a generation to recover from the increased debt and harm to private sector investment and employment. It will take longer to reduce the cost and scope of the public sector and government regulations and subsidies, the harm done to our schools, education and health systems. It is hard and painful to convince people to cut back as most prefer to pass the difficult decisions to the next generations. I hope that the majority of Albertans are not deceived into believing that reelecting the NDP will allow them to remain in the fairy tale world of the last few years. I realize that many in Edmonton and the public service have been in Wonderland and don’t wish to leave so will vote NDP, hopefully enough of us live in the real world to make the NDP a sad although costly footnote in AB history.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB