Where is honesty at election time?

To the Editor;

Where is honesty at election time?

About 90 years ago my mother’s family came to Canada for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, value of hard work and security - not wanting handouts but able to contribute positively to the country’s social and economic well-being. So here we are with an Alberta NDP government doing the very things that caused people to come to Alberta: extreme government regulations that strangle the wellbeing of the citizenry; attempts to regulate private schools and religious schools out of existence so the governing elite can indoctrinate children and youth to the socialist ideology; spend money and encoring debt to finance social programs and engineering to make mental zombies who; using taxpayer money to propagandize in favour of the ruling elite under the guise of “news releases”; adding taxation that cripples businesses, seniors, private enterprise, and occupations; giving good statistics for employment when the governing elite are creating their own jobs in government; taking away citizens’ freedom of choice; making a religion out of socialistic ideology; and removing the right to dissent for ethical or moral reasons. Alberta, like other areas governed by elitist, statist controllers, will be shortly doomed morally, socially, spiritually, mentally, and economically if we choose not to change what is now happening.

On top of the trends we see and experience the last few years, we are having to deal with uncontrolled spending in areas that are non-productive (or limited contribution to the economy); we are passing the debt load to our grandchildren and beyond. We have an act by government that criminalizes teachers and parents if they dare talk about what is being unethically taught in “public” education - another example of practices of tyrannical governments who want to keep certain topics “secret”. Taxing us into oblivion seems to be an orchestrated endeavour. Shutting down generating plants that have an extremely small carbon footprint, and shipping our coal to countries who have no care about polluting the environment. (I think a high level provincial politician once agreed that our province should not be extracting or selling dirty oil.) Letting Trudeau, American big business, and social ideologues keep us from exporting our products provides small comfort to the reported 170,000 people who lost their jobs because of political decisions or inactions. Where is my province going? What are we doing this election? What are we prepared to stand for and promote? Where is honesty and openness this election?

Harvey Burkholder

Three Hills, AB