It seems that parenting is fast becoming obsolete

To the Editor;

Other than bringing children into this world it seems that parenting is fast becoming obsolete. There is a centuries old debate over who should get to raise the nation’s children. It seemed to morph into a debate between the faith based communities which generally supports the role of parents against the humanistic society who believe God is dead or never existed.

First it was compulsory education where humanism has succeeded in declaring faith as unnecessary, and even dangerous. So if you believe you exist because of some divine plan that involves design or creationism, you are now deemed dangerous, not only to society but to your own children. Our current government has deemed it necessary, not only to take your children out of your home at the earliest convenience (state daycare), but to take them to a place (public school) where you are not allowed to know what your children are being taught. This is in the name of protecting children (from you). Government provides millions so your children can be raised by “society approved caregivers”, but almost nothing that enables parents to raise their own children at home. It is common knowledge that beliefs and patterns formed during the pre-school years last for life. When parents are expected to turn their kids over to the state and assured that they will not be informed of what happens in their care, you should be concerned. This goes way beyond the LGBT debate, but to virtually everything that differentiates between people of faith and atheism. How did I get here? How should I live while I am here? Where am I going? – and the list goes on – all questions that will be answered quite differently depending on who you think you are. Check this example.

On the question of origins, what is scientific fact as compared to theory? In reality, neither position on origins qualifies as scientific fact because there were no witnesses and nothing has been replicated. The closest we can come is a careful analysis of how things are. Darwin believed that species change into different species. To prove it, he made it his life ambition to find examples of partial or in-between transitions. At the end of his life he admitted that he had found nothing but still believed they existed. Over 150 years has lapsed and still nothing. Oddly enough, in spite of no proof, his theory is now the “fact” our children and grandchildren are taught. The 1987 Edwards v. Aguillard U.S. Supreme Court decision barred creation science from public schools but allowed evolutionary theory on the grounds of scientific validity. To justify this decision the definition of fact was essentially changed. Fact no longer has to be tested by observation or duplication.

Here is a quote from Keith Stewart Thomson: a senior research fellow of the American Philosophical Society; an emeritus professor of natural history at the University of Oxford; past president of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia; Dean at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History; and the author of several books and essays on paleontology, the history of science and evolution. Thomson remarks: “… descent from common ancestors is based on such unassailable logic that we act as though it is a fact.” So logic makes it truth. So truth no longer needs to be backed by fact. If enough hand chosen academics believe it, it is treated as fact. That kind of logic, my friends, is where our children really need protection. Their life, and even eternal destiny (another topic), could depend on it.

I wonder how David Eggen would react if he learned that his child or grandchild had been attending a Bible Club at school, and he had been kept in the dark.

Cecil Cowie

Three Hills, AB