Registering our weapons does not make us criminals

To the Editor:

Re: “We have the habit of electing governments that are beyond incompetent”

As usual, the author is again on his anti-Liberal, anti-Trudeau, and anti-NDP rants. Consequently, he sounds, more and more, like a “broken record”.

He reminds me of an individual with “silo thinking” (Someone who hasn’t traveled very much, hasn’t interacted with people of different backgrounds, nor has a background in history).

If living in Alberta is such a chore, maybe he should consider moving to another region of Canada (like the Maritimes where he could enjoy severe winters, the high cost of using gas and oil, and suffering yearly floods).

If that situation doesn’t suit his fancy, he should consider moving to the US where he could enjoy the high cost of private health care, mass shootings, road rage, and poor academic standards (compared to academic achievements in Canada and in most western European countries).

Comparing our present federal gov’t to a fascist dictatorship in Venezuela is totally ludicrous. If he wants to experience living in a “real” dictatorship, he should consider moving to Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea.

Claiming that PM Trudeau is taking our guns away is an example of scare mongering. Registering our weapons does not make us criminals. If that were the case, we would all be criminals because we have to register to vote, to hold a driver’s licence, to obtain a passport, or to become soldiers, doctors, teachers, police officers, lawyers, airline pilots, funeral directors, politicians, social workers, pastors, etc.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB