Looks like the PM lives in a glass house

To the Editor;

I had not heard the term “Etch a Sketch” for years until last week when I was informed that is my last name, the first being Mr.

I recalled that I had an app on my phone with that name, I had installed it for my grandchildren to use. The concept is great as you can doodle away to your hearts content and then shake your errors away, but they are still there lurking in the cloud, it never really disappears. I would like the “Old Days” of Etch a Sketch where I could shake away the Pierre Trudeau years, then the Chrétien era, next the Stelmach and Redford disasters, and finally the Justin Trudeau and Rachael Notley debacles which have decimated our economy. Unfortunately unlike the original Etch a Sketch which erased everything, Canadian and Albertans poor political decisions are like the App on my phone even though you don’t see them they are still there and we will suffer the consequences.

From Etch a Sketch man I then find out that I am a “silo thinker” apparently incapable of critical thought because of my lack of education and travel experience. I like living in Alberta that is why I am critical of those who seek to harm it. I could happily live in the USA, at least in the areas that my son and his family live and have lived. I am glad that I am not in Cuba where the communist Castro’s, friends of the Trudeau’s rule as dictators or Venezuela where Chavez, not a fascist, but socialist ruled as leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. In Ten years he ruined a prosperous country which four million have fled, leaving because of starvation and shortages of everything, even beer and toilet paper. Beer being the hardest to replace. With the inflation rate at 1,000,000% in 2018, Venezuelans can use their currency as toilet paper as it is virtually worthless. The first acts of Chavez were to nationalize the oil industry driving foreign investment away, sound similar to PM Trudeau buying the Trans Mountain Pipeline with Kinder Morgan taking the money to friendlier countries to invest.

I was sitting in a dentist chair the day PM Trudeau announced his plan to ban all single use plastics, he can use my recycled suction tube that my hygienist used to vacuum the debris from my mouth as well as all the wrappers from every sterile medical instrument used which saves costly and inefficient sterilization procedures. Also recently I learned that the greatest use of one time plastics is in the legal marijuana industry which is PM Trudeau’s greatest if only accomplishment. Speaking of PM Trudeau’s plastic ban, please google his response to a reporters question as to what his family is doing to reduce their plastic consumption.

There is a local sage who frequently quotes Chaucer who in approx. 1325 AD penned the quote “people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.” Seems appropriate for our PM as an access to information request showed that the PM and his family spent $300 in one month on bottled water. Simple math shows that, at IGA prices, it amounts to 1800 plastic water bottles without deposit. Sure looks like the PM lives in a glass house.

As a footnote registering your firearms does not make you a criminal, true, but under the Liberals not registering did. The first thing tyrants do is register then confiscate, the German Nazis did it to the Jews, an armed people will not willingly load themselves onto rail cars headed to a gas chamber. The reason the founding fathers of the USA enacted the Second Amendment was to enable citizens to protect themselves against government because they knew that government no matter how benign could become the biggest enemy of freedom.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB