We find it unfortunate that our fellow Canadians feel so free to criticize

To the Editor,

We find the opinion of the gentleman concerning President Trump on the 22nd of April to be over the top - and he has made his dislike known many times in letters to the editor, between him and the propaganda from our “friend” from BC. This president has been slandered by media and treated shamefully in a way that defies understanding. From the first moments of Trump’s inauguration it was clear to see the opposition was fierce and implacable and every day there is a new attempt to undermine and destroy him and his family and yes, much of the news is truly fake. It is unfortunate that many Canadians as well have jumped on board to damage and speak freely about what they think they know, making judgments with false information.

It was a breath of fresh air to read the two stories on the 29th of April that brought reason to bear on him and the situation. Thank you for publishing them. The reason this President has done so much that is good for the US is because he thinks with common sense. He has brought back the US from the brink of foolish decisions that were set in place prior to his office. Would the gentleman prefer those dangerous decisions made by President Obama? Or the moral compass of President Clinton and Hillary? (and the Clinton Foundation with its nefarious dealings that have done great evil?) Or has the private life of JFK been studied for his lack of morality in how he conducted himself? We don’t happen to like or approve of everything President Trump says and does, but he has done much, much good for the country and Americans in particular. And to say he is racist or that this virus did not come from China leaves us shaking our heads in disbelief. Of course it did! Many countries are disturbed by China’s duplicity and are investigating what the CCP did. But here in Canada our leaders pandered to China and the WHO and the UN and kept our borders open to the whole shebang and refuse to admit to the truth.

President Trump is deserving of respect for his office rather than this continual attack. We find it unfortunate that our fellow Canadians feel so free to criticize when we have our own situation here at home that is so much worse. Perhaps we could occupy ourselves with our own backyard.

Robert MacDonald

Deborah MacDonald