How can they say it is underused when they are never there?

Dear Editor,

If you think that the provincial government wants to ruin your summer you may be right; just not in the way you were thinking. The provincial government, under the guise of “optimising Alberta’s parks” has proposed removing 164 parks from the park system. Locally, that means removing Dry Island Buffalo Jump and Tolman Bridge as parks. It proposes a new “partnership,” which put plainly, means selling the land or leasing the land permanently to a new land manager of sorts who will charge us tax payers extra for the privilege of using the land that is ours. Imagine having to pay someone to stand on the shore or wade through the river to go fishing, launch a canoe, pay much more to camp, have a picnic or just have fun with the kids. Imagine no more, this is what their plan is. Supposedly these facilities are underused, which we all know is false. I have been to Tolman and Dry Island Buffalo Jump many times and never seen a parks representative. How can they say it is underused when they are never there? I don’t understand. Nathan Cooper’s kids are the same age as mine, do they actually live in the riding or in Edmonton?

Christopher Morton

Swalwell, AB