The author fails to mention the differences

Dear Editor,

Re: “Public life comes from the same bloodline” 5/27/2020

The author fails to mention the differences between the two countries. The so-called “same bloodline” ended when the Loyalists were forced to move to Canada when the Americans defeated the British in their war for independence.

From that point on, the history and culture of the two countries went in different directions. Canada evolved with different histories, different cultural values, different political system, and a different judicial system.

“Law, order, and good government” proceeded the settlement of western Canada while America had numerous wars (War of 1812; the Indian Wars up to 1898; the Mexican War; the American Civil War, 1861-65; the Spanish-American War) all before 1900.

Canada did not have such wars. Heck! We didn’t even have a “real” civil war like many other countries experienced. We didn’t have a so-called “Wild West” because law and order proceeded settlement; thus, no Wild Bill Hickok, no Wyatt Earp, no Tombstone, no Battle of the Little Big Horn, and no western TV shows which perpetuated the myth of the Old West (Gunsmoke; Bonanza;; Have Gun Will Travel; Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; The Lone Ranger, etc).

Canadian did not grow up with a tradition of a lawless frontier like the Americans. No major Indian wars like the Americans experienced with their westward movement of settlers before and after the American Civil War.

No Manifest Destiny either. We did not expand westward beyond our shores like the Americans did with the Spanish-American War of 1898 (the US defeated a weak Spanish empire and from that victory acquired the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

We didn’t “Walk softly but carry a Big Stick” to acquire the Panama Canal and force its presence onto Central American countries.

We didn’t have over 400 years of systematic persecutions of blacks, indigenous peoples/Indians, Hispanics, Mormons, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, etc. Yes, we have had our racists and bigots, even to this day, but not in comparison to the mistreatment of minorities in America.

So, yes, we came from similar backgrounds, but Canadians chose a different life than their cousins south of the border, and we are not suffering the consequences from all those riots that are sweeping across America today. It’s a history born of violence, unchecked settlements, lawlessness, gun violence, ethnic and religious persecutions, and a belief that they are superior to other people.

I suggest to those Canadians who can’t understand the differences between Canada and the US should do the following: 1. See the movie “Black Legion” (1937) starring Humphrey Bogart. 2. See the movie “Mississippi Burning” starring Gene Hackman. 3. Compare those two movies to what is going on in America today. 4. Then ask yourself this question, “What has changed in America since 1937 that would entice us to adopt American values and culture?”

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB