PM Trudeau has divided Millions of Canadians, East against West

Dear Editor,

I recently saw a post on Facebook of photos of President Trump and his family, nothing political mentioned. One of the comments posted was that he was a self centred lying narcissist who was was destroying democracy and dividing millions. I thought that auto correct had changed Trudeau to Trump as the comments apply more correctly to PM Trudeau than to President Trump. The President could well be a self centred narcissist but there is no doubt that our PM is. The President has been working to protect democracy from the likes of Black Lives Matter and Antifa whose slogans are “kill the cops” and “burn it down.” They have had the support of Democratic Mayors and Governors. In contrast PM Trudeau has been governing by press conference and hiding in his cottage. He prorogued Parliament with the support of the NDP, hardly supporting democracy, and is prepared to enact his Green New Deal again with the support of the NDP. PM Trudeau has divided Millions of Canadians, East against West. Those who oppose President Trump never accepted that he beat Hillary Clinton and they have worked relentlessly to drive him from office, manufacturing scandals and intrigue that were proven baseless. The Democratic plan is promoting mail in ballots which are subject to fraud and to not accept the results of the election should President Trump win, even promoting anarchy and violence. Doesn’t sound very small “d” democratic to me, but is par for the course for big “D” Democrats. God help America and God help Canada. PS: We went to the Harvest for Kids fund raiser on Saturday where 20 combines harvested the crop in under an hour. Many farmers and truckers gave up valuable harvest time to support a good cause as well as many others who contributed through goods or services to get the crop to harvest. I am a cynical old coot but when I see events like this I am encouraged.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB