Maybe we should all wear “rose-coloured glasses”

Dear Editor,

Re:” Remember those who sacrificed for our freedom”

So, according to the author, Trumpus Maximus has contributed more to America than any president since Reagan. Well, he is partly correct. Trump has divided America more than “Tricky Dick” Nixon ever did.

He has led an unsuccessful war against COVID-19. Over a thousand Americans are dying every day from the pandemic, yet good old Trumpus plays golf and twitters away his presidency. But Hey! What does one expect for a five time draft dodger, eh?

Because of his foolish trade wars with Canada, Mexico, the EU, and with China, the average American now pays $1,000 more in goods and services. What other president can claim such dubious distinctions?

The author wants us to establish an Electoral College system?! That system was created by the Founding Fathers to prevent the ordinary citizens from having the final say in the election of a president. When George Washington was elected president, only 8% of the male population could vote (a person had to own property; had to be a white male (women were not allowed to vote until 1922), and non-whites (blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Indians/indigenous peoples, indentured servants, slaves, etc were not allowed to vote).

He fails to mention the Jim Crow laws and the Black Codes which were enacted after the 1870s in the southern states to prevent non-white folks from voting, owning property, and from attending schools with white students. Maybe he should explain what were “sundown towns” in America (the “home of the free”).

No other democracy has such a non-democratic system of voting. Look how Texas and Florida tried to suppress non-white folks from voting in this election. In Canada and in other democratic countries politicians do not try to suppress voters from voting. Also, the winner of an election in our country is based on who wins the popular vote, not on a system where some states have more power in determining the winner of a presidential election (Battle ground states).

Our parliamentary system is not perfect, but can we imagine going through the chaos that Americans are having to endure now? A political and cultural divide (red states vs blue states). Armed thugs roaming the streets of American cities (uncontrolled militias). Millions of Americans are ill from a virus because of a man who refuses to lead a united campaign against the coronavirus.

Maybe we should all wear “rose-coloured glasses”.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB