To these two DIS-honorable MLAs (Tyler Shandro, Dan Williams) and the mayor of Valleyview (Vern Lymburner):

Those of you who denied that a meeting could begin with a group of seniors in their own seniors’ facility if Todd Loewn was present (in the riding of Todd Loewen) - you are NOT the police, you are NOT the ones to decide if an MLA can be present at a political meeting within their own riding; you are NOT a dictatorship even though you act like it.

Also, UNMASK, and maybe if you start

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Dear Editor,

I am reminded every day why we bought our condo across the street from Anderson Park, the squeals of laughter from little ones finding a stick or leaf on the path, learning to ride a bike or scooter, being lifted up on the big rock or if big enough to climb up “all by myself.” The happy dogs walking their humans, the seniors pushing their walkers or speeding around on their electric scooters, but this past weekend was prime. Saturday was a church picnic, the Park was fil

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Dear Justin Trudeau,

Prime Minister of Canada

Re: Border crossing


You have dishonoured Canadians by allowing Americans to cross the border for non-essential travel (tourism) beginning on Aug. 9, 2021, yet America will not allow Canadian citizens to cross the border into the States despite the fact that our vaccination rates are higher (our infection and death rates are lower) than the Americans.

Why do you let the Americans “slap us in the face” with their border restrictions? T

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Dear Editor,

Re: “The power of a loving community” and “ No masks in sight”

I am glad that the contributor was able to survive his battle with COVID-19. Fortunately for him, he received great support from our health care workers, and moral support from family members and friends.

Sadly, over 2,600 Albertans died from this pandemic, and we may see more deaths coming from the Delta variant and the Lambda variant. We cannot let our guards down.

Unfortunately, there are those

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