To the Editor;

Just think of all the money we’re going to save because of this pandemic:

• Gambling halls will be closed down

• 6/49 and Lotto Max can be played only on-line

• Reduced out-of-town travelling

• Swimming pools and exercise gyms closed

• Churches closed, so no more tithing

• Far less eating out

• Drinking establishments closed – far cheaper to drink at home

• No more flying to far off destinations

Other positive things:

• It s

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To the Editor;

It is gratifying to see the recognition been given to Dr. Deena Hinshaw, our Chief Medical Officer for her calm demeanour and competence, we are fortunate to have leadership like this.

We are also fortunate to have Premier Kenny and the UCP rather than the NDP during this crisis. We would be more fortunate to have anyone but PM Trudeau in charge now, he and the Liberals tried to take advantage to the situation where they could assume power of a dictatorship. Fortunately MP (Pit Bu

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Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read this week, on the Alberta Parks website, the list of provincial campgrounds to be closed. In a time when our economy is slow, I would think that supporting an industry like tourism would be a positive thing.

I am concerned with the closures of the campgrounds, on either side of the Tolman Bridge, east of Trochu. These are busy places all summer long, especially on long weekends. Campers do a lot of business in Trochu at our grocery store, liquor store, convenie

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To the Editor;

Over the past few weeks in Canada, one issue has been front and center – the Wet’suwet’en blockades that plunged our country into a national crisis. We watched as radical activists – many of whom have no connection to the Wet’suwet’en people – put up blockades to hold our country’s economy hostage.

I believe that from the start, the Prime Minister’s response to this national crisis was weak. He refused to uphold the rule of law

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