Dear Editor,

In recent weeks, a number of constituents have raised concerns with me that oil and gas companies may be threatening to unilaterally cut payments to landowners for surface leases.

There is no question that low commodity prices have left many of these companies between a rock and hard place, financially speaking. However, in this difficult economy many landowners also find themselves facing difficult decisions. As a result, tensions have risen. In order to avoid any unnecessary confl

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Dear Editor;

With this being the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation, I present some thoughts from 25 years ago when I was a community Remembrance Day ceremony co-organizer.

I invited Calgary’s Sidney and Bronia Cyngiser to speak; Auschwitz survivors, the Cyngisers had a far-flung speaking history to school, church, and community groups.

Mr. Cyngiser’s talk to a spellbound audience did not recount details of what and how they suffered; instead, his was a positive message. &l

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To the Editor;

The NRA does not promote guns sales, it promotes firearm safety and training, ie: responsible gun ownership. It also works to protect law abiding citizens from the government infringing on their Second Amendment Constitutional rights. The founding fathers, having recognized that government can be a threat to freedom enshrined the right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution.

I have never argued facetiously or otherwise that registering my firearms makes me a criminal, however u

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To the Editor;

Re: “Jason Kenney saving Alberta’s sinking ship”; 1/15/2020.

Someone recently claimed that Mr. Kenney was saving our province. To me, that is a convoluted assertion.

Saving us from what? Mysterious aliens/foreigners?

No, he is doing the opposite by costing us, the taxpayers, money by siphoning off over $230 million to private schools, diverting over $30 million per year to defend the energy sector, and by cutting taxes to the wealthy people of our society.

By cut

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