Trochu News July 21, 2010

Weather! It's got to be the most talked about topic on earth. Trochu has had its share of up and down temperatures with some folk actually turning on the furnace to take the chill off the house - in the middle of July. And they call this global warming? Despite the nasty wind and rain on July 13, a good crowd turned out at the Trochu Drop In to participate in the monthly birthday party hosted by George and Phyllis Fabian. Ed Henkel and Jim Deering conducted the ten Bingo games with Agnes Greig winning the blackout one. Happy Birthday was sung and special cake served. Members present for the birthday photo were Mary Colley, Jim Deering, Agnes Greig, Lorena Stankievech, Maureen Nelson, Phyl and Ed Henkel and Henry Greig. Don and Gayle Colley came from Calgary for the event as they brought Mary up to celebrate with her old Trochu friends.  Mary observed her 95th birthday on July 8 and lives in a Seniors Lodge in Calgary. She likes to keep in touch with Trochu friends and happenings.
The Arboretum Farmer's Market went over well July 15 with big sales. It didn't hurt that the weather was perfect. The next market is scheduled for July 29.
The Trochu Elks 200 Club winners for June are Allan Diack, Al Gehring, Agnes Meding and Pete Frere.
I've heard people wondering where the Olympic Podium is as they have never seen it. It is presently on display at the Trochu Museum. Toni and Karissa will be happy to tell you about it. Why not take a grand tour of the facility? New members are always welcome.
July 19 and it's raining again after a perfect weekend of sunshine. There were weddings, family reunions, class reunions, golf tournaments and just plain visiting. The countryside is like a patchwork quilt of squares of yellow canola, mixed with green squares of other grains. Let's hope that the grains in the field get safety to the bins.