Trochu News July 28, 2010

Are you up for another "Challenge"? I know we're still working on being pink but another very interesting competition has come to light. UFA is sponsoring a "Small Town Heroes" promotion and Trochu's Troy Niemi is a nominee. You can vote for Troy online at Prizes for the winning community is a free Paul Brandt concert and there'll be eight runner-up prizes of $1,000 for each winning community. We can do it, can't we? Get on that computer and if you don't own one, I'm sure you can get help from a friend or try the Library.
A couple of anniversaries were held on Sunday, July 25. While Darel and Donna Pride were celebrating their 50th at the Trochu Drop-In, Victor and Elsie Garson were celebrating their 25th at the Orkney Community Centre. Best wishes and congratulations to both couples.
Did you listen to Barry Erskine on Sunday morning. He hosts Let's Talk Gardening and had been a guest at the Arboretum Thursday evening. He used his program to encourage people to visit the Arboretum and try the challenging Golf Course as well.
Speaking of Golf courses, St. Mary's 17th Annual Charity Golf Tournament is schedules for August 14, which is quickly coming up. Summer is going all too fast, isn't it?
People are travelling the world these days and digital cameras, etc. enable them to take thousands of pictures. Perhaps we'll see some at the annual Flower, Baking and Photography Show Aug. 18 in Trochu. If you're not a traveller, winning snaps can be taken in your own backyard.