Trochu News - October 18, 2017

The harvest is in, gardens and flowers have been put to rest and trees now stand barren. Thanksgiving is past but many turkey dinners are yet to be enjoyed in the coming weeks. Meetings start up in the fall, too. St. Mary’s Auxiliary held the first meeting on Sept. 19 at which time it was decided to have a Christmas Tea in November - on Thursday, Nov. 2. Phyllis Steinbach was a life member for well over 50 years and, to honor her memory, lemon meringue pie will be served as this was her most favourite requested dessert. Keep your eyes on the ads so you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming events here in Trochu and the surrounding communities.

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, members and guests enjoyed an afternoon of bingo and birthday celebrations. Jim Deering, assisted by Bruce Guard, called the numbers for a variety of ten games. Donna Pride claimed the blackout prize. Happy Birthday was sung and those present to have their picture taken were Jim Christie and Jim Cunningham. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the birthday cakes and visiting.

Jim Christie celebrated his 95th birthday with family and friends on Sunday, Oct. 8 at the Baptist Fellowship Centre and then, on the actual date of his birthday (Oct. 12), he treated everyone to coffee and delicious birthday cake at the Trochu Drop-in. You’ve reached a wonderful milestone, congratulations, Jim.

Trochu Elks 200 Club winners for July were Brian Frere, Marianne Leischner, Nathan Lumley, John Kowalchuk and Ken Maclean. Winners for August were Bruce Meding, Maureen Demers, Ken Helmer and Rob Smyth. Winners for September were Rob Smyth, Ann Pruden, Bob Sellars, Doris Christie and Bob Nelson.

Trochu and District Hall Development Society 300 Club winners for September were Tom Cunnningham, Donna Layden, Andrea Christie, Thelma Enzie and Kent Knudsen.