Trochu News - December 20, 2017

Thursday,, Dec. 21 is the first day of winter, also the shortest day of the year and with Christmas fast approaching, snow is anticipated. The decorating elves have done an awesome job of lighting up the Arboretum. You will have until New Years Day to take in this spectacular sight and if you do, look for the ten Lord’s a Leaping. Many homes are decked out with lights and santas, snowmen, etc. that come to light in the evening darkness. This Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the Kindergarten and Tro-Val’s elementary students will be bringing their Christmas message to you. See then perform, you won’t be disappointed.

The monthly bingo and birthday celebration was held at the Drop-in on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Jim Deering, assisted by Jim Cunningham, called the numbers for a variety of ten games with Bill Green being declared the lucky winner of the blackout prize. As this was also a good neighbour bingo, many of the players went home with a can of soup. Happy Birthday was sung and those present to have their picture taken were Marina Adrian, Lois Gorr and Darel Pride. Everyone enjoyed the delicious cakes and coffee. The next bingo will be on January 9th, 2018.

Trochu and District Hall Development Society 300 Club winners for November were Darren Hogg, Jen Hogg, Myron Wahl and Wendy Christensen.

Trochu Elks 200 Club winners for November were Dave Teichroeb, Riley Helmer, Brady Tullikopf and Donna Pride.

St. Mary’s Auxiliary wish each and everyone of you Peace, Joy and Good Health during the week of Christmas and throughout the year 2018.