Trochu News - August 22, 2018

The monthly Bingo and Birthday celebrations were held at the Drop-In on Tuesday, Aug. 14. A number of guests and members were present to enjoy an afternoon of fun and a chance to win a small prize. Jim Deering welcomed everyone present and then, with the assistance of Marjorie Scheunert, called the numbers for the games played. Dave Teichroeb was very pleased to win the blackout prize. Happy Birthday was sung and those present to have their picture taken were Ilona Noble and Bonnie Teichroeb. Visiting, while enjoying coffee and cake, ended the afternoon. Card games are being played on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to stop by for a coffee and a game or two.

Trochu and District Hall Development Society 300 Club winners for July were Dale Moran, Barry Reder, Eldena Adam and Marlene Knievel.