Kneehill 4H Multiclub has started 2022 with great things

4H Maintaince

Hi, I am Kate Rice, the Kneehill 4H Multi club reporter. So far in our 4H year, we have done many great things and have many to be planned! Club elections have taken place and our first project meetings. We have some new and exciting projects to introduce, like International Foods, Derby Car Build, Vehicle Maintenance, and career planning. You may have seen us in the community through our community service experiences like Red Bag Food Drive and helping with a dinner at Acme for a KISS tribute concert. We have some kids going off to Winter camp, and they are super excited. We have an amazing Christmas party planned for January where we will go skating and make donations to a food bank. So far, we have a pretty great year planned and looking forward to our annual 4H on parade at Calgary stampede grounds in May. This year is looking great, and we at Kneehill Multi club can’t wait! We wish all in Kneehill County the best in the 2022 season.