Swalwell 4-H Club gets show ready

All of our members have been very busy working on getting their steers ready for show and sale season and it showed. On April 17 we had our socially distanced grooming day where we were able to see everyone’s calves. Delanie Knull did a great clipping demo and showmanship demo. We learned a lot of very useful techniques and got to practice showing our calves. We also all had our calves pictured and videoed for our upcoming online sale on June 1 - June 2 through Olds Auction. More info wil

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Seniors Outreach orders new Community Bus

It’s a go!

The Seniors Outreach New Community Bus was ordered on April 8, and the made-to-order vehicle is to be delivered in the fall.

It is a 2022 Turtle Top Odyssey 22 RL (Rear Luggage) Passenger Bus, V3.

The cost of just over $118,000, has been fully met through the very generous Community donations (approximately 30%), Monies raised through Casino funds, (approximately 30 %), and the receiving of the Alberta Government Community Initiatives Program (CIP) project based Grant, (approxi

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Trochu Valley School 2019-2020 Academic and Athletic Awards

Our 2019 - 2020 Academic, Legion and Athletic awards were presented a whole lot different this year with all of the restrictions and social distancing protocol. The 2020 Graduating class received their recognition certificates and scholarships with their Graduation Portfolios in October. Several other dates were chosen to present awards to our current students but each time had to be rescheduled due to circumstances and protocol changes. We were finally able to celebrate our students on Februar

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Local Author Phil Callaway publishes 28th book

Local author and humourist Phil Callaway has recently published his 28th book, Laugh like a Kid Again: Live Without Regret and Leave Footsteps Worth Following, which was released this past summer.

Callaway observed that as we age and experience difficulties, we tend to laugh less, worry more and see the negatives in life. Children, however, are full of laughter. Callaway said, “In my lifetime I don’t remember a time when we’ve been so short of good cheer. I’ve had at lea

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