Lewis & Royal and Friends play to sold out crowd

Lewis Royal Christmas Concert

The Three Hills Arts Academy saw a sold out crowd in attendance for the “10th Annual Lewis & Royal and Friends Christmas Concert.”

Lewis Frere and Royal Sproule have been drawing crowds to their “favourite venue” for 10 years and lamented the time that they were unable to gather due to COVID.

Advertised as “a magical evening of harmonies, desserts and friends” and as presenting “the music and comedy of Lewis & Royal and friends” it was everything their fans could ask for.

Even their perennial favourites had something “new” or “fresh”, and some extra bit of “drama” as this couple of artists seem to perform as a single “unit”. Either their spontaneous ad lib seems rehearsed or their rehearsed lines seem spontaneous. Always a delight. Lewis and Royal brought to the stage guitar variations, some banjo, harmonica and a nose flute.

The ”friends”, Rachael Peacock on lever harp and piano, and Danae Kimpinski with guitar and mandolin blended perfectly wherever they performed. Both friends presented original works as well.

Danae was the 1st place winner in the 23rd annual Great American Song Contest with her song in honour of her mother, and presented the song “Mother Dear” as part of the show.

The show opened with a lively “Christmas Country Style”, included the comic favourites about an industrial accident preventing an employee from being at work, the adventure of a certain Scotsman, and the philosophical musings about reincarnation. But there were also some very serious ballads, and some favourite Christmas songs including “Come Darkness, Come Light”, and then the show ended with the sing along favourite, “Feliz Navidad”.