Guys and Dolls in Final Week



The audience sat in anticipation in the darkness while a melodious overture set the mood for Wednesday's opening night of Three Hills Arts Academy's "Guys and Dolls."
The lights came up and the theme came to life as the New York-style setting became apparent, followed by the 50's swagger, exemplified by the hot gamblers rolling into town.
The high strung ring leader Nathan Detroit (Floyd Cotton) is faced with the responsibility of finding a location for "The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York," and the only problem is, he needs $1,000 to get a place.
Marching into the streets is stringent, yet beautiful, Sarah Brown (Jill White) and her Save-A Soul Mission, seeking sinners willing to join. Noticing the "doll," Nathan thinks up a surefire way to get his money. He sets up a bet with the best gambler, the suave Sky Masterson (Luke Reinhardt), that Sky wouldn't be able to Sarah on a trip to Havana with him.
Meanwhile, after 14 years of engagement Miss Adelaide (Paula Spurr) is more than ready to marry Nathan, and it upsets her, to the point of sneezes, that he doesn't want to commit. She is on an emotional roller coaster; one minute singing love songs at the Hot Box theatre with the Hot Box girls, then lamenting in song to herself.
Sky, as part of the bet, heads over to the Mission to confess his sins, and convinces Sarah to go with him in exchange for a Mission full of his gambling friends. During their short stay, the two quickly fall for each other, despite their differences. He confesses to her the whole thing was a bet, but she manages to forgive him.
Pesky Lieutenant Brannigan (Eric Forbes) is always on the brink of catching the illegal gamblers in the act, but they always manage to outsmart him with a quick-conceived story. They continue their efforts, and move their game to the sewers of New York.
While the boys are at play, Miss Adelaide and Sarah are struggling with their feelings, and realize they can't change their men, but rather, will have to accept them for who they are.

Sky lies to Nathan about succeeding in the original bet and pays him the $1,000. Chicago mobster Big Jule (Aaron Redditt), with his revolver at his side, won't let the craps game break up until he has recovered all his losses, which seems unlikely since "Big Jule cannot make a pass to save his soul". Sky overhears this and makes a bold bet: he will play and if he loses he will give all the other gamblers $1,000 each; if he wins they are all to attend a prayer meeting at the Mission.
They end up at the Mission, singing and confessing to Sarah and the rest of the Mission.
With Miss Adelaide's encouragement through song, Sarah and Miss Adelaide decide to "Marry the Man Today," and they both are married in the streets of New York.
Through intricate dance numbers, bright costumes, impressive New York accents, and catchy songs,"Guys and Dolls" immersed the audience members in the character's lives, slipping back in time, and dealing with the uncertainties of life and love.
It's not too late to witness the magic. "Guys and Dolls" will continue to run April 6-9, with performances beginning at 7 pm, and a Saturday matinee at 2:00 pm.