Three Hills School Drama presents ‘Madhouse’

Madhouse THS

The Three Hills School Drama production of ‘Madhouse’ was presented at the Jesse Young Gym, on May 4, 5, 6. The play, written by Todd Wallinger---“one of the most widely produced playwrights for youth in the world”, was directed by THS teacher Danielle Tolman.

To involve as many students in a school drama as possible, one of the criteria is to find a play that has a number of characters. And then to have enough players to fill the roles. In the case of ‘Madhouse’, there were in fact enough characters but not enough players so a number of the cast took on multiple roles. This in turn meant some very quick costume changes, changing accents, and perhaps hair styling.

The cast included students from grade 8 through grade 12. In addition to the actors on stage, three other students are part of the backstage crew.

The actors entered into their roles with enthusiasm. It is always encouraging to see the “beginners” getting bitten by the acting bug and those who continue to develop their skills.

As to the storyline, I never want to give too much away, but as the opportunity to take this in will have passed by the time this review comes to the press, I can try to give a brief summary.

The children of the well-known author are gathered together to hear the reading of his will, in which he says that his treasure of 84 million is hidden in his mansion and whoever finds it, family or stranger, is the one to “keep it”. A storm and flood conditions send “strangers” to the mansion seeking refuge and when word gets out that this treasure hunt is taking place, they join in the ‘search’. Meanwhile, one further clue is discovered and in riddle form.

And here, rather than disclosing anything further, I would ask those who did see the play, whether anyone clued into the answer that was “right before their eyes”?

The title: ‘Madhouse’ was quite appropriate.

And yes it does have a ‘happy ending” and “the moral of the story is….”.

The story then was both an ‘almost who done it’ and a treasure hunt.

The set was quite elaborate. The sound was enhanced because the actors were equipped with individual mics. The costuming and lighting were “appropriate”.