Prairie Christian Senior Drama Performs At Arts Academy

PCA Drama 2023

May 25 to May 27 saw the brief run of the Prairie Christian Senior Drama doubleheader being performed at the Three Hills Arts Academy.

For grade 12 seniors, the presentation served to ‘show off’ their lessons learned and skills developed.

The first item was a “One Act Play” written by Debbie Marioghae and Jonah Brown which they called “The Last Great American Thanksgiving”. Described by drama teacher, Beth-Anna Vandellen as a Parody of Family Gatherings like Thanksgiving or Christmas, the story and acting did produce a lot of laughing. Family members and their politics and prejudices, and an “awkward” situation with an unappreciated “fiancé” and then a mysterious stranger kept everything moving along quite rapidly, ending with a bit of a mystery solved…maybe.

The stage setting and props were all part of the drama course and were done well.

The second play, done as two acts and with 17 set changes was the work of playwright Garrison Leuf who said in his notes, “I have been working on this play for the past few years and while there is still so much I would like to add, there just isn’t time.” Garrison had co-writers and directors, Vaughon Kraikamp and Jacqueline Derksen. Garrison also spoke of how the whole cast contributed to bringing the script together as they worked through the story.

The actors, grades 10 to 12, with some backstage help and assistance of some grade 9 students did a great job. A long list acknowledging those involved in set design and construction, props, costuming, sound and lighting was listed in the playbill shows that they did double duty on stage as well.

The play was titled “Unbroken” and the playbill indicates that a music piece with the same title was written by Jason Verloren.

I was impressed by some of the “wise” lines and worldviews the writer presented.

There was a lot of swordplay in this drama, and a “Fight Director” is a highly paid, professional position for anything that has to be as finely choreographed as this was. I asked Garrison who was in charge of that, and he admitted that he was the “fight director”. I thought that it was beautifully done.

I suspect we will be seeing several of these actors on stage in the years to come. And a number will be seen in the cast of Cinderella playing at Parable Place these next two weekends.