Three Hills Arts Academy Prepares For ‘Cinderella’

Cinderella Rehearsal

The Three Hills Arts Academy performance of ‘Cinderella’ opens at Parable Place venue opens June 1,2,3 and 8,9 and 10 with matinees at 2:00 pm on June 3 & 4 and 10 & 11. See the advertisement in this issue of The Capital.

Most likely everyone is familiar with the Disney animation and for sure, with the storyline of the original tale.

But this, being a production of the Three Hills Arts Academy, can be guaranteed that you will never have experienced what you will when you attend this live production.

There is a cast of 29 players with at least five five taking on additional roles.

Some assigned “leading” roles will be THAA veterans and some are “new” to the stage here, but not to drama productions elsewhere.

Participants in the production are:

Cinderella/Natasha Kreis; Fairy God Mother/Tiffany Dietz; Step Mother/Darta Thiessen; Step Sister Calliope/Carinne Lamy; Step Sister Minerva/Alyssa White; Christopher (The Prince) Dan Hall; Lionel/Michael Ewert; Queen/Autumn Penna; King/Jesse Kreis; Cat/Garrison Leuf; Rat/Josiah Ewert; and Horses and a whole slew of Villagers/Princesses and Gentlemen.

The set and props are striking in their simplicity. The costumes are elaborate (for the ball scenes especially). I was really impressed by the choreography as worked out by Alyssa White.

There are some very clever phrases and observations on life and living and these of course are what make the play. No doubt for many, it is being familiar with the song lyrics that convey the positive spirit that one then takes home as “ear fleas” in days to come.