The Three Hills Arts Academy Presents 'Cinderella'

Cinderella 2023

The Three Hills Arts Academy production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s 'Cinderella' was all that anyone could hope for and for many no doubt, went beyond their expectations.

The script and music, of course, is mainly set by Rogers & Hammerstein and adapted for the stage by Tom Briggs. But the genius of what one sees is worked out by the Creative Team listed in the playbill as:

Producer - Chelsea Pike; Director - Sheila Adkins; Acting Coach - Floyd Cotton; Choreographer - Alyssa White; Music Director - Tiffany Dietz; Costume Mistress - Vicky Friessen; Set Construction - Dan Adkins, Riley Adkins, Bob Graham, Michel Laplante, Jim Pike, & Jonathan Theisen; Set/Prop Creating - Alyssa White, Cherie Laplante; Lighting - Brad Luijkx; Sound Technician - Steve Estabrook; Stage Management - Teri Honeker, and Emma James; and Hair and Makeup - Jillian Johnston & Kaidy Morgan .

The story is about “magic” and this “Creative Crew” worked together to make it happen. Some transformations, dazzling costumes, props serving several functions, hair and makeup define “character”. It was all there.

But Cinderella is first of all a musical which involves so much more than an actor “just saying lines”. They also have to be able to “sing” and also pull off dancing and being at the right place and the right time on stage.

A considerable contribution to the feel of the story is the presence of those being called “Villagers” of which there are 21 listed, and some playing two roles.

It is when we come to the “main characters” that we recognize some names well-known to audiences of Three Hills Arts Academy shows. And also some new ones.

The acting of each one was fully satisfying and the blending of voices really enjoyable.

Commendations and kudos then to the following:

Cinderella - Natasha Kreis; Prince Christopher - Dan Hall; Stepmother - Darta Thiessen; Stepsister Minerva - Alyssa White; Stepsister Calliope - Carrine Lamy; Fairy Godmother - Tiffany Dietz; Lionel - Michael Ewert; The Queen - Autumn Penna; The King - Jesse Kreis.

You won’t want to miss this.