Senior’s Week 2023 Kicks-off With Breakfast/AGM

Seniors Week Breakfast 2023

As part of Senior’s Week, Seniors Outreach held a pancake and sausage breakfast at the CommUnity Drop-In Centre on Tuesday, June 6, followed by their 28th Annual General Meeting.

MP Damien Kurek sent his greetings and words of appreciation via video. MLA Nathan Cooper sent his note of congratulations for the role of Seniors Outreach in the community. He was unable to attend.

Others from the County and Three Hills were in person to express the appreciation they and the municipality they represent have for the renowned work that Seniors Outreach does in the community.

Kneehill County Councillor Faye McGhee, Town of Three Hills Mayor Ray Wildeman, Acme Councillor Jason Bates, Village of Linden Deputy Mayor Flo Robinson, Village of Carbon Mayor Brian Peever, and Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services Director Shelley Jackson-Berry declared similar thoughts of the service of the Seniors Outreach Program and the impact of the many volunteers involved with them.

Several reports were given after these greetings and the adoption of the Agenda and Reading of minutes.

There was only one position needing to be filled on the Board and the single name put forward was Brian Richard who had been on the Board previously and was eligible to serve again. He was acclaimed as the new board member.

Before closing the meeting, Terry Schlinker presented a Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation for Volunteer Services to Dennis Punter, Board Member, Car Driver and Handy Man’. Dennis is leaving the Board.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15.