Carbon Ag Society Hosts 'Farm Day'

Carbon Ag Farm Day

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, the Carbon Ag Society in conjunction with the Carbon School, held an event at the school for Grades K to 6. The theme for the event was Agriculture.

Carbon Ag Society President Dustin Furst and Vice President Blake Penner explained to the students how farming works, and how many different farms there are in the world, and showed them the equipment used for a farm that helps with Grain Farming and Ranching. There were stations set up with fertilizer samples, chemical samples and soil samples along with samples of grains and lentils, with different foods, showing what the commodity produced. Blake and Dustin also provided equipment for the students to explore, including a tractor and swing auger, a tractor with a bale shredder, a tri-drive grain truck and a high-clearance sprayer. The event ended with students being provided with colouring books and fun worksheets.