Three Hills Arts Academy Cast Members Prepare For ‘80’s Night At The Movies’

Arts Academy Dress Rehearsal

​​From the very first number, a person could tell that the Three Hills Arts Academy’s Night on Broadway production, ‘80’s Night at the Movies’ is going to be a jam-packed program of energetic song and dance and acting. As with “Hallmark’s programming, when the commercials” are as entertaining as the story, the audience will find that the sponsors’ ads are going to be entertaining as well. Many of the performers are veterans of the Arts Academy productions, with a few new cast members on hand. In alphabetical order watch for (Things are not always what they appear to be): Sheila Adkins, Floyd Cotton, Tiffany Dietz, Michael Ewert, Lewis Frere, Dan Hall, Paige Harback, Natasha Kreis, Carinne Lamy, Josh Laplante, Makayla Laslett, Autumn Penna, Julianna Phillips, Darta Thiessen, Jono Thiessen, Jonquil Thiessen, Alyssa White. For further info on tickets see the ad in this week’s issue of The Capital.