'Little Match Girl' Now Playing

Little Match Girl Cast

The 'Little Match Girl', being presented at the Three Hills Arts Academy goes from November 16 to November 25, with 8 performances total.

This beautiful classic by Hans Christian Andersen has been adapted for a music/dance/drama presentation by Darta Ergle-Thiessen. She said that she had been involved in presenting an earlier version 20 years ago.

If I read the cast list correctly there are 23 young people on the stage playing 80 parts. (Some taking turns.)

The broadest description is that the poor “Match Girl” is the outcast in a family who demands that she sells matches to bring in her contribution to the family income. She is sent out into the bitter cold but is not properly dressed and so suffers unbearably from the cold weather … and the cold hearts of family and passersby.

She indulges the extravagance of ‘lighting” a match for a moment of warmth and with each lighting, she receives a vision- some aspect of the Christmas season.

These are brought to life with appropriate songs and some beautiful ballet choreography and delightful costuming. Into the whole mix, there is included Christmas feasting, Christmas Tree delights and a quite meaningful nativity scene including shepherds, Wise Men, Mary, Joseph and an infant.

The young actors/dancers took their parts with confidence and told the story well.

Several names listed in the Crew are becoming well known with Arts Academy productions.

The music, lighting and stage settings were beautifully coordinated.

Candy and cookie grams were available and the Christmas Hamper Toy Drive was part of the experience. Details are provided when tickets are purchased.

Congratulations are to all who participated in bringing this show to the Three Hills Arts Academy Theatre.