Kneehill 4-H Multi Club Prepares For A New Season

4H New Year

Hello, I’m Curtis Berry, the Kneehill 4-H Multi Club’s Club Reporter. I’m here to tell you about the things we are planning for this year.

We have 38 members this year who will be participating in projects such as Archery, Leathercraft, Small Engines, Fine Arts, Crafts, Vehicle Maintenance, Canning, and Sewing, as well as some Independent Projects.

We have held three Club Meetings already this year. The first was our Meet ‘n Greet so that everyone could figure out what they wanted to do this year. At our second meeting, we held our Club Elections. Our President is Dawson Denby, the Vice President is Eryn Lohner, the Secretary is Riette Breedt, and the Treasurer is Kirsten Eskesen. There were many other positions filled also. For our third meeting, we started planning our Christmas Party and talked about the upcoming Communications Workshop.

Some of our members have already completed their Community Service by helping out with the Food Grains Supper, the Linden Fall Fair, as well as the Swalwell Fall Supper. Watch for us at future community events.

On Sunday our club hosted the District 4-H Communications Workshop, we learned how to write our speeches and presentations. Afterwards, some kids went to the District Fun Day at the Flying Squirrel trampoline park, which was great fun. This past weekend was a busy 4-H weekend as some of our Senior Members attended the Senior Leadership Weekend at Camp Chestermere and other members attended the Regional Awards Day.

That’s all that’s happening for now, we hope all of Kneehill County has a great 2023-2024 Club Year!