Local Game Creator Wins Game of the Year

Michael Hamm Slugblaster

Mikey Hamm, son of Isaac and Kathy Hamm, of Three Hills, was recently honoured with the announcement that the table-top board game he invented was named Game of the Year, at the 2023 Indie Groundbreaker Awards.

Slugblaster: Kickflip over a Quantum Centipede, is the brainchild of Three Hills born and raised Mikey (now living in Edmont).

The idea for the game came to him a few years ago. He set out to create something that could appeal to anyone and everyone. Mikey said he based Slugblaster on his experiences growing up in Three Hills. He admits he put a lot of love into the game. He was quoted as saying, “It’s almost a memoir because it’s a lot about my teenage experience in the town that it takes place in. It is, exactly, my hometown of Three Hills.”

Game players are taken into a world where teenagers sneak to other dimensions to skateboard, go viral and not get into trouble with their parents

Following the award announcement game maker MythWorks is reissuing a new edition of Slugblaster, slated for release in the spring or summer of 2024

A book is part of the package and Hamm hopes even the non-gamers will get something out of that. “I tried to make the book enjoyable to read”, said Mikey.