The Game Is Afoot!

Sherlock Holmes Cast

'Sherlock Holmes: Legacy' has been five years in the making! Written by Jamey Coles, this Sherlock Holmes mystery ties in perfectly with Arthur Conan Doyle's works while introducing fresh twists on the formula. It is a thrill for long-time fans and newcomers alike!

Set in historically accurate Victorian London, this play provides glimpses of the police, prison and parliament systems from over 100 years ago. Those who are keen will notice many subtle details incorporated throughout.

Prepare for a multimedia production with an immersive soundscape and detailed motion backdrops as you are swept back in time to 1891 when a crime wave stirs the consulting detective from stagnation and dark plots unfold within an unsuspecting London.

With cast both new and familiar to the Three Hills Arts Academy, this production welcomes to the stage Joel Schultz, Mitchell Vander Ploeg, Sarah-Kate Meyers, Michael Ewert, Josh Laplante, Slater Penna, Jay (Jonmarie) Ellis, Jamey Coles, Duncan Hicks, Garrison Leuf, Logan Hope, Cliff Spence and Jared Notter.

Written and directed by Jamey Coles and co-directed by Floyd Cotton the show is supported by crew members Cherie Laplante, Teri Honecker, Vicki Friesen, Natasha Kreis, Debbie Trew, Chelsea Pike, Steve Estabrooks, Brady Coles and Levi Ewert.

"Sherlock Holmes: Legacy" Runs for four more shows.  Tickets availabe at