“Clue” Plays To Sold-out Audiences

Clue Cast Photo

“Clue”, presented by the Three Hills Arts Academy, was attended by sold-out audiences this past weekend.

With laughter heard throughout the duration of the show, it’s no wonder word spread through town and the house was packed for each show! “This was the most I’ve laughed in ages!”, “It was an Excellent Show!”, “Outstanding acting and stellar directing!” were some of the things said by attendees!

Debuting as Director was Makayla Laslett, who is a long-time actor on the Arts Academy Stage, but who jumped on this opportunity to bring her creative skills to the stage in a different role. Assisting Makayla, and mentoring the cast was Floyd Cotton, who was such an asset to the team. Sets were designed and constructed by Cherie Laplant, who went above and beyond for this show! The Stage Manager was Teri Honecker, without whom there would have been no set changes or props in place. Costumes were undertaken by Jacqueline Derksen, and the cast all looked fantastic! Chelsea Pike was a Producer and was supportive in finding the last-minute costume bits and props. Brad Luijkx was in charge of the lights and laughter, as he was heard laughing and chuckling through each show!

The story of “Clue” was brought to the stage by a cast of fantastic actors! They each brought their characters to life and provided hours of entertainment! Vaughn Kraaikamp as “Wadsworth’ - A traditional British butler in every sense: uptight, formal and by the book. Elira Li as “Yvette”- A French Maid with secret aspirations. Cherie Laplant as “The Cook” - a Threatening Presence. Jesse Kreis as “Colonel Mustard” - A dense, blow-hard of a military man. Dylan Heidebrecht as “Mrs. White” - A pale, morbid, and tragic woman. Autumn Penna as “Mrs. Peacock” - A bit batty, neurotic, and quick to hysteria. Ezra Stahl as “Mr. Green” - A timid, anxious, rule-following klutz. Garrison Leuf as “Professor Plum” - An academic who wants to be a Cassanova. Des Schmidt as “Miss Scarlett” - A dry, sardonic woman who holds many secrets. Slater Penna as “Mr. Boddy” a mobster type & “Motorist” - rings the wrong doorbell for the last time. Morgan Kraaikamp as “Unexpected Cop” - all for the American Dream & “Chief of Police” - he’s here to catch the crook, over and over again. And Jacqueline Derksen who graced the stage for mere moments, but bouts of laughter as “Singing Telegram Girl”. All of these actors dove into their roles and brought so much joy to each person who came out to watch.

Everyone who was involved in this production should be proud!