Kneehill 4-H Multi Club Ends Another Year

Kneehill 4 H Multi Club

As our club year comes to an end there are some awesome things are members have done.

All of our members that competed at Regional Public Speaking did really well, we even had a senior member move on to Provincials! Congratulations to Isabella Parsons for winning first at Provincial Public Speaking with her Presentation called “Where Are You From?”.

Some of our members participated in the provincial Science Day at the Calgary Zoo. We spent the morning exploring the zoo as a group. After a tasty lunch we had a guided tour of the Canadian Wild featuring the new and super cool Polar Bears. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day!

The Calgary Region held a Fun Day at the Lyalta Hall. A few of our members were able to attend this great event and participated in lots of games and even had a dance!

All of our project meetings wrapped up in April and on April 28th we held our Achievement Day at the Acme Community Centre. Participating in Achievement Day is a requirement to complete your 4-H year. At this event each member makes a display of some sort detailing their 4-H year. It was wonderful to look at all of the table displays and see everything our members accomplished this year. There were leather stools and binder covers, quilts and hoodies, many different crafts, archery and vehicle maintenance displays as well as some independent projects like soap making, career exploration, and veterinary medicine. There was also a program where members talked about their projects and some received awards for different things.

Our final event will be Highway Clean-up on May 4th, be sure to drive with care. That wraps up another amazing 4-H year!