“Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, A Spectacle For The Eyes And Ears

Joseph 8x10

The Three Hills Arts Academy production of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s iconic show “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” is a spectacle for the eyes and ears. It is a heartwarming retelling of the Story of Joseph and the lessons taught are many.

Beginning with Jacob and his twelve sons – including our hero, Joseph, we see the effects of family favouritism, the importance of integrity and purity, holding onto a dream, strength for painful seasons of waiting and finally the great gift of forgiveness and restoration. The creators of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice have beautifully woven together a vibrant work of art that speaks to the importance of hope.

“Joseph” is an opera! And by that, we mean the story is told through song and not spoken word! But don’t be fooled by what you may understand an Opera to be… each song takes you on a journey through various song styles! From “Western” to “Reggae” the show keeps you guessing as to what they will sing next! And not only are the songs of varied styles, but in support of the singing the actors had to learn many different choreographed dances and moves. Months of rehearsing and preparation went into the production and the effort paid off in a show that had the first weekend of audience members raving about how fantastic it was! One such member even commented that the Arts Academy’s current production surpassed the experience that he had when he saw “Joseph” back in the 1990s (when a certain heartthrob from the 1970s played the role of Joseph)!

The Creative Team behind this epic tale is listed in the playbill as:

Producer: Chelsea Pike; Director: Sheila Adkins; Assistant Director: Floyd Cotton; Music Director: Dan Hall; Rehearsal Accompanist: Rebekah Brisbin; Choreography: Ashley Savage, Emma Isaac, Alyssa White, Autumn Penna; Soundtrack: Sherry Smith; Lighting: Adam Luijkx, Brad Luijkx, Irene Dobson; Sound Technician: Steve Estabrooks; Costumes: Sheila Adkins, Tina Harback, Chelsea Pike; Set Construction: Dan Adkins, Riley Adkins, Dan Hall, Slater Penna, Luke Reinhardt, Adrian Skelton; Set Painters: Sheila Adkins, Tiffany Dietz, Autumn Penna, Eden Skelton, Alyssa White; Props: Sheila Adkins, Cherie Laplante, Autumn Penna, Slater Penna, Eden Skelton, Alyssa White; Stage Crew: Slater Penna, Ezra Stahl, Jesse Kreis; Make up: Debbie Marioghae, and Katie Morgan.

The story is about “hope” and this team worked together to lay the backdrop and foundation for the story, which was then brought to life on stage by 38 talented singers, dancers, and actors, many of whom are featured in several different roles, involving quick costume and character changes!

The cast should be proud of all the effort put into their roles. Their expressive acting and singing evokes joy, laughter and teary feelings throughout the whole story!

Joseph - Dan Hall; Narrators - Sheila Adkins, Natasha Kreis, Jonquil Thiessen; Children - Ella Bergin, Jenni Dietz, Maria Dietz, Freya Hall, Hadley Hall, Lincoln Lemay, Evelyn Morgan, Trinity Reinhardt, Alysha Wood; Brothers – Rueben/Guard - Garrison Leuf; Simeon/Butler- Luke Reinhardt; Judah - Michael Ewert; Levi - Clark Staats; Naphatali/Baker - Tiffany Dietz; Issachar - Izak Habermehl; Asher - Jonah Brown; Dan - Jeremiah Church; Zebulon - Desiree Schmidt; Gad/Guard - Josiah Ewert; Benjamin - Logan Hope; Understudy - Ezra Stahl; Jacob/Pharoah - Floyd Cotton; Wives/Egyptians -Rebekah Brisbin, Dylan Heidebrecht, Teri Honecker, Carinne Lamy, Makayla Laslett, Elira Li, Isabella Parsons, Autumn Penna, Eden Skelton, Darta Thiessen; Potifar - Slater Penna; Potifar’s Wife - Carinne Lamy With Special appearances by Hairy Ishmaelites - Ella Bergin, Alysha Wood; Sydney the Snake- Alysha Wood ~Michael Ewert (voice) and Morris the Camel - Jenni Dietz & Evelyn Morgan ~ Clark Staats (voice).

“Such a Dazzling Coat of Many Colors!” Such a dazzling Production! You don’t want to miss this show!