Flash Mob Invades Cruise NIght


It has been almost a year since the first free fitness class started in Three Hills. Over the last year many people have come out, had some fun and reached some new goals both in their physical ability and community involvement. On any given Tuesday or Thursday the Jessie Young gym will see 15-40 people "step" out of there box and try something new. Each class offers something different, sometimes step, zumba, hip hop, yoga, circuit training and on the nice evenings the class moves outdoors for boot camp style training. What started as an effort to advertise the fitness class soon turned into an application for a grant. Who knew there is actually a grant for "Random Act of Physical Activity"? What better "Random Act of Physical Activity" than a Flashmob in the heart of Main Street during Cruise Night! Whether you participated to cross "flashmob" off your bucket list or because you were guilted into it by a fellow participant, we were thrilled with the 50+ kids, students, moms, teachers and firemen who participated.