Melvin Wright Ready to Walk for Women's Cancer



At 80 years old, Melvin Wright is not slowing down. For 43 days, he avidly walked, pushing his wheelchair, in order to prepare for a very special event.
In October 1993, Melvin's wife Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer. In light of the news, Carol courageously said, "we have two choices - we can either choose to be better or to be bitter from this trying experience." Melvin said they chose to be better.
On July 6, 2008, the family was dealt another blow when their daughter's closest friend Dorothy passed away from cancer, leaving behind her own family.
Melvin's daughter started to walk in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers, in honor of her mother and friend. She asked Melvin to join for the walk to take place in Calgary, July 23-24, and he wasn't sure he would be up for the challenge. Instead of taking on a defeatist attitude, Melvin drew strength from the hardship and began to train.
Starting as early as 6:30 am, Melvin began on April 30th, and at the time, was averaging two kilometers a day. By May 30th, Melvin said he reached 14 km a day.
By his 43rd day, July 15, 2011, Melvin was up to 15 km a day. He had to get up and walk in the morning, rest, and then walk again in the afternoon. Of his accomplishments, Melvin himself is shocked, and said, "I can't believe I can do 15 kilometers a day!"
He noted he is not at all doing this for attention, but for Carol and Dorothy. He's been collecting pledges for the event, with a total of $2,900. He said anyone wishing to donate would now have to deliver to Melvin directly.
"This town and area has been so fabulous it overwhelms me," expressed Melvin. He has received pledges from Three Hills and area, Drumheller, and Calgary. People have also sent him feedback, saying that he is an inspiration.
For the Weekend walk, Melvin will sport pink hair, and a pink shirt, along with a much needed new pair of running shoes. His wheelchair is going to be decorated with humourous signs, including, "Hey, how about a little push?"
The 60 km two-day walk, 30 km each day goes this weekend.