You Are Invited to Meet the Artist



You are invited to a new Art Display at the library in Three Hills, sponsored by Arts Alive in Kneehill. Photography by Hinka Ferguson is up now and will be for the next two weeks. There will be an Open House Gala: MEET THE ARTIST at the Three Hills Municipal Library from 6-8 pm on Friday, July 29, an opportunity to view all the great photography and talk with the artist herself.
Hinka explains: "One of the first things I bought with my first pay cheque from my first summer job was a camera, at age sixteen. I've been taking pictures ever since. Those first photos were very amateur, but as I was able to afford better equipment and take some photography courses, the pictures began to improve. Then I discovered that I could enter competitions and became aware of what judges look for in a good photograph. This really spurred me on. There's nothing I'd rather do on my day off from work than drive the country roads looking for great photo ops to enter in the next Fair."
The aim of Arts Alive in Kneehill is to connect the citizens of Kneehill County with the wide variety of talented artists in our communities. So be sure to attend and enjoy a local artist and her work, visit with others interested in the arts at a local level, and enjoy some refreshments provided by Arts Alive in Kneehill.