Human Foosball planned for Linden Sports Day

To raise funds for the Acme Alumni Association, Linden is planning to host a human foosball tournament during Linden's Sports Day on June 12. Eight teams of six people (age of 13 years and older) are required with each team guaranteed at least two games.
The foosball game is 40 feet in length by 20 feet wide with sides that are 4 feet high. Each person is strapped in as a player in the game and tries to score on the opponent's goal with a regular size soccer ball. Each game will consist of two 10-minute halves and every player on all teams will receive a prize.
A businessman's challenge is also being planned for Main Street, immediately following the Sports Day Parade. There are three divisions: ladies group, staff employees, and business owners/managers. While doing certain involved tasks, the contestants will be outfitted in a pair of 20 inch inflated clown shoes. Four specific stations will host the milking cow, pitchburst (ball toss), pitstop challenge (change a tire on vehicle with air gun), and bloom blaster (pumping balloon).
You are asked to register your team for either/all of these above events with Malcolm Wiebe at 403-369-4174 prior to June 5.