Kneehill Valley 4-H Beef Club host Innisfail and District 4-H Show and Sale


Members of the Kneehill Valley 4-H Beef Club

On May 31st Kneehill Valley 4-H Beef Club hosted the Innisfail and District 4-H Show and Sale at the Innisfail Auction Mart. The Event started late Sunday afternoon with setting up the show ring and getting organized, this did not take long thanks to the help of Innisfail Auction Marts skidsteer. It was very windy and we all hoped that Monday would be a nicer day. After setting up we held our carcass judging, with Grant Daines as Judge. Monday Morning came early with lots of rain. This did not stop Ron Smith my grandpa (Big Red) from firing up his smoker barbeque and cooking a few briskets for lunch. He fed all of us 4-H members and anyone else that was around before the show. There was lots of work to be done with setting up, weighing the steers and taking pictures. We were busy running around getting ready to show our project heifers, cows and calves and steers. Thank you, Grandpa, for making sure we got fed it was awesome! What better way to promote Alberta Beef.
The rain held off and it turned out to be an ok day.
The results of the show are as follows: Grand Champion Heifer – Levi Severtson; Reserve Champion Heifer – Amy Severtson; 1st Heifer Showmanship – Erin Chambers; 2nd Heifer Showmanship – Levi Severtson; Grand Champion Cow/Calf – Levi Severtson; Reserve Champion Cow/Calf – Amy Severtson; Grand Champion Female – Levi Severtson; Reserve Champion Female – Levi Severtson; Grand Champion Steer – Amy Severtson; Reserve Champion Steer - Cassidy Smith; 1st Jr. Showmanship – Shane Smith; 2nd Jr. Showmanship – Cassidy Smith; 1st Int./Sr. Showmanship – Erin Chambers.
The Judges for the day were: Confirmation Judge – Grant Daines, Jr. Confirmation Judge – Lindsey Douglas, Showmanship Judge – Bonnie Daines, Jr. Showmanship Judge Karleen Dallas and Ring Official – Kelly Fraser
After the Show we held a barbeque for the buyers. We served steak that was supplied and barbequed by Bauer Meats of Torrington. It was great!
We had a very successful sale. Kletke Hail Insurance and Linden Agri Centre bought the Grand Champion Steer. Knievel Agencies Ltd. bought the Reserve Champion Steer.
The 14 members of the Kneehill Valley 4-H beef club who are Dominick Matheson, Cassidy Smith, Shane Smith, Kennedy Somerville, Colt Blake, Erin Chambers, Nicole Kish, Sara Kish, Emily McArthur, Amy Severtson, Blair Smith, Cole Tremblay, Levi Severtson and Courtney Smith would like to thank our buyers and anyone who had contributed to our show and sale. Kneehill Valley 4-H beef club has been running for 61 years we greatly appreciate your continued support.