Bike Enthusiasts enjoy the open road

No dues. No meetings. No minutes.
"It's certainly not a club," says Three Hills' Glenn Loewen, "it's not a gang, and we have no leader."
It's just a group of area motorcycle enthusiasts who look forward to Wednesday evenings because they meet at the Catholic Church parking lot at 6 pm and hit the open road together.
The group is so informal and loose knit that no one takes attendance; you come if you want, and there are no logbooks or recorded history. The weekly "open to anyone with a bike" rides have been happening for three years, or maybe it's four. No matter.
A destination is informally set each week and off they go—Caroline, Red Deer, Olds, Rocky Mountain House. Not far, not a hard ride, and not with any intent but to be together on the open road with spouses, old friends, and new acquaintances who might like to share a coffee or an ice cream at the end of the trip, before heading back to Three Hills.