Wild Pink Yonder asks you to 'Think Pink'

Get out the paint brushes, ribbon, balloons, and everything else that you can find that is pink, and display it. For businesses in Three Hills, there will be a contest running dubbed "Pinkest Business", in which doors and windows of stores can be plastered in pink. The judges will be out and about Tuesday, August 24th to find the winner. Along with that contest, homeowners can compete for the "Pinkest Yard", and anything goes, so spray paint the fence, hang all the pink laundry on the line, and set up a yard full of pink flamingoes. Anyone wanting to participate in the "Pinkest Yard" must register with Mark Hosking at Super 8 Three Hills, 403-443-8888 or gm@super8threehills.com.
All the necessary materials for "going pink" are easy to obtain. The Three Hills Loonie Store is stocked full of pink accessories. The Tickle Trunk is the perfect place to pick out a pink costume. For creative help, Tina Ward and Irene Gustafson are available for hire for painting pink designs on business or home windows. Contact Tina at the Three Hills Town Office, 403-443-5822, and Irene at the Guzoo, 403-443-7463.
Wild Pink Yonder was started by mother and son Jane and Rusty Hurl after Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She survived, and now she wants to give back to the medical system that took such good care of her. So in an effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Research, she and her son saddled up a group of horses and created the Wild Pink Yonder to ride for a cure. The ride gets under way August 14th in Waterton Lakes National Park, and finishes in Sherwood Park September 4th. Over those 22 days, they will have accomplished 325 miles, and visited more than 20 communities along the way.
Half of Wild Pink Yonder is dedicated to raising money for a cure. The other half is focused on having a little fun with such a serious topic, and seeing the support from all the communities, with the "Pinkest Little Town" contest. Each participating town will be judged and the Pinkest town wins a community concert.
In Three Hills, corporate and personal donations for Breast Cancer Research can be made directly to the Three Hills and District Chamber of Commerce. The funds will then be turned over to Wild Pink Yonder.
Wednesday, August 25th is the big day for Three Hills. There will be events taking place all day.