Children's Theatre 'Sleeping Beauty' at hit



Sleeping Beauty has been put to rest, but what a ride it had!
Four years of performances prepared in a month with more kids trying out every year. Vicki Friesen, director and producer, makes sure every child who tries out gets a part. There were 41 actors between the ages of three months and 15 years. This year's production performed four shows in three days.
The Children's Theatre could not survive without the support of businesses and patrons alike. This year we had kids from Linden, Trochu and Three Hills involved. The actors had eight - one hour practices and two - two hour dress rehearsals before opening night.
The children had so much fun trying their costumes and getting into character. Morgan the ogre even went so far as to get creepy green contacts. The actors were dressed in beautiful medieval costumes, supplied by The Tickle Trunk.
In total, 328 tickets were sold, and $400 was raised for Tools for School.
Way to go, Sleeping Beauty cast and crew!!