Kneehill FCSS Celebrates the Power of Volunteerism

Torrington Volunteer Coffee

Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) hosted a series of Volunteer Appreciation Coffee Breaks in the communities of Torrington, Linden, Carbon, Three Hills, Acme and Trochu during National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 7 – 13, 2019. These events were a way to say thank you to the many volunteers that make our communities such a wonderful and thriving place to live.

Over 138 volunteers representing more than 79 organizations came out to enjoy free coffee, treats, and chances to win door prizes. Winners of the $25 gift certificates during the week were Joan McIntyre (Torrington), Luana Toews (Linden), Linda Metzger (Carbon), Yvonne Kruger (Three Hills), Frank Vanderkley (Trochu), Angeline Tersteeg (Acme) and Jim Jepson (Three Hills). The final draw winners, taken from everyone who entered during the week, were Holly Laffin (Carbon) and Donna DuBois (Three Hills).

The Silver Willows Seniors Society, High Seas Coffee, Carbon Library, CommUnity Drop In Centre, Trochu Seniors Drop In Centre, and Acme Library partnered with Kneehill Regional FCSS by providing the space to host these events, and High Seas provided free beverages.

Kneehill Regional FCSS greatly appreciates all the time that volunteers contribute to the many organizations in the Kneehill area. Many essential services are delivered by volunteer organizations, and without them, small communities would struggle and not have the amazing quality of life we enjoy. For this reason, Kneehill Regional FCSS is committed to supporting volunteerism, and are honored to take the time to recognize volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteerism in our communities during National Volunteer Appreciation Week.